2015 IHE Connectathon Resources Available

The 2015 IHE North America Connectathon, scheduled for January 26-30 at its new location in Cleveland, OH, is open for registration through October 3, 2014.  This year IHE is providing extensive resources to educate participants about the Connectathon process and IHE profiles.  To support participants during Connectathon registration, IHE is providing the following resources:

IHE has identified several recent profiles to spotlight for those considering what to test in the coming year.  These include Retrieve Process for Execution, Reconciliation of Clinical Content and Care Providers, Patient Demographic Query for Mobile and Healthcare Provider Directory with Federation Option. 

Reminder: Now is the time to submit your problem to IHE

There remain two more weeks to submit critical interoperability problems for consideration by IHE for its next development season.  Ready Computing has significant experienced creating and submitting IHE proposals and can help present your idea in the most effective way.  Proposals are due September 26, so contact us today for expert guidance in submitting your problem to IHE.