IHE turns the crank; 2014 cycle completing, 2015 gets started

As summer comes to an end, IHE is completing its cycle of work and beginning preparation for the next cycle.  During the past year several new work items have been under development and August is the time those are published, for the first time, for Trial Implementation.  As this happens, the connectathon testing event kicks off its registration and preparations for demonstrations begin.  Along with all these endings and beginnings, IHE starts its next cycle of development with a call for proposals.

New work being published for Trial Implementation

The IT Infrastructure domain has been actively adopting the HL7 FHIR standard and has completed the first profile using this standard.  The Patient Demographic Query for Mobile (PDQm) Trial Implementation profile supports the ability for mobile devices to use FHIR to send a demographics query and receive a list of matching patients and identifiers.  It will be released in August 2014 and available for testing at the 2015 IHE connectathons.  The ITI domain is also updating its other mobile profile, Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD) to adopt FHIR as the base standard. 

The ITI domain has also moved forward on many other projects. Several United States initiatives were adopted which expand upon existing security, privacy and provider directories capabilities.  Working in cooperation with IHE Japan, ITI will released the Patient Location Tracking (PLT) profile which supports HL7 commands to find the physical location of a patient.

The Patient Care Coordination (PCC) domain is publishing two profiles and one white paper this cycle. Multiple Content Views (MCV) is a new profile this year that focuses how text in CDA documents may be tagged to achieve different rendering behaviors depending on requirements of end users. Reconciliation of Clinical Content and Care Providers (RECON) is a profile that was originally published in 2011 but has been re-written to include additional content for reconciliation as well as provide an easier implementation path for vendors already supporting reconciliation of data in their products. The white paper that PCC is publishing is A Data Access Framework using IHE Profiles (DAF), which describes a framework by which IHE profiles can support multiple means of access through substitutable modules.

PCC also has spent time revising its roadmap. This effort resulted in newly created vision and mission statements for the domain as well as strategic goals. More information about this can be found on the PCC Roadmap wiki page.

Registration for 2015 events opening soon

Now is the time to plan for participation in 2015 IHE events.  The North American events will be opening for registration very soon.  The IHE North American Connectathon will be held in Cleveland Ohio from January 26 to 30, 2015 and registration opens August 25, 2014.  This is the first time the connectathon will be held in Cleveland and we are looking forward to a new and expansive setting for this yearly event.  The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase will be held during HIMSS in Chicago, April 13-15, 2015.  These events support the testing and demonstration of interoperability profiles developed by IHE.

Now is the time to submit your use case to IHE

IHE has announced a call for proposals to gather critical interoperability use cases for consideration as work items for the next development season.  The IT Infrastructure (ITI), Patient Care Coordination (PCC) and Quality, Research, Public Health (QRPH) domains are all seeking healthcare interoperability challenges that need a standard solution approach.  Submitting a problem is easy, just fill out the  IHE_Profile_Proposal_Template-Brief.docx template and send to the email address listed in the  call for proposals.  Proposals are due September 26, 2014