HIMSS – the next big event

The next big healthcare technology event in the United States is the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition held this year on February 23-27 in Orlando, Florida. This is an enormous event enabling opportunities for education, exhibition and networking. This year several people from Ready Computing will be attending to meet with our customers and learn the newest developments in healthcare technology. Founder and CEO Michael LaRocca, Director of Operations Daniel Berezeanu and Standards and Interoperability Architect Tone Southerland are attending HIMSS 2014 and look forward to talking with our existing customers as well as potential future customers.

A highlight of HIMSS is the Interoperability Showcase which holds 36,000 square feet of live interoperability demonstrations. This event showcases systems that successfully tested at the Connectathon in January. Clinical Use Case Scenarios are used to demonstrate how Connectathon proven interoperability solves real healthcare problems. Tone Southerland will be working with Ready Computing customers to enable their successful participation in this event and educating everyone on the value of IHE at the IHE help desk.

 The Interoperability Showcase is demonstrating the result of many years of technical work and domain analysis happening within IHE. In fact, next week many hard-working members of several IHE domain committees are meeting in Vienna, Austria to build the next set of specifications which, along with those that were created in prior years, will be tested at Connectathon 2015 and showcased at HIMSS 2015. Interoperability is truly a collaborative effort and IHE is the community backbone upon which the Connectathon and Interoperability Showcase are built.

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